The Representation of Roma in European Curricula and Textbooks

This joint project of the Georg-Eckert-Institute (GEI), Roma Education Fund (REF) and Council of Europe (CoE) analyzes the representation of Roma in curricula and school textbooks currently in use in schools across Europe. The textbook study includes the subjects of history, social studies/civic education and geography from 22 European countries: Croatia, France, Germany, Hungary, Kosovo, Poland, Spain, Italy, Romania, and Great Britain, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovakia, Austria, Belgium, and Finland.

In the first phase, country reports provided information on Roma being mentioned in national secondary curricula. Further, an analysis of the curricular excerpts provided an evaluation on how Roma are mentioned. The current phase is completing the collection of data from textbooks and will be follwed by a critical discourse analysis. The final result will be a comprehensive study on the portrayal of Roma in European curricula and textbooks including research-based recommendations by the GEI, CoE and the REF.

The research process aims at developing the research and advocacy skills of young Roma academics and junior professionals with masters or doctoral degrees and with research interests related to Roma representation in national curriculum and thus includes a crucial element of capacity building and participative research.

Project Partners

Council of Europe (CoE)


Roma Education Fund (REF)


1 October 2016 – 31 December 2018

Project Lead

Riem Spielhaus

Leiterin / Wissen im Umbruch

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