The GEI’s activities are supported by a high-quality administration department where individual responsibility, respect, diligence and commitment are paramount. The department provides services and support for the institute’s employees and for external personnel such as visiting academics. By ensuring that all aspects related to personnel, finance and buildings management run smoothly it creates the framework conditions required to conduct high-quality research and to provide unique research infrastructures.

The GEI currently employs approximately 120 people. The key tasks in this area are human resources management (job specifications, personnel selection and appointment procedures, operational integration management) and processing applications for business trips and travel expenses.

This section prepares the financial part of the programme budget, as well as being involved in its management and planning, and prepares the annual statement of accounts. It also plans the institute’s finances and safeguards its liquidity.
The department processes all incoming and outgoing invoices.
The finance section is also responsible for managerial accounting and control functions, which involves the collection, evaluation and preparation of financial data on the basis of cost and performance accounting.
In addition the finance section supports and advises researchers in submitting proposals, and undertakes financial control functions and the administrative management of (third-party) projects.

Facility Management
The administration department is responsible for managing the buildings and technical facilities and equipment used by the Institute. This includes the provision of caretaker services and the commissioning of external suppliers and service-providers (e.g. cleaning, repair and gardening services). Occupational health and safety are also the responsibility of the administration department.
The work in this area is currently dominated by the management of works on the new building, extension and building conversion.

The personnel, finance and facility management sections also perform numerous cross-sectional tasks.