DATAFIED: DATA For and In EDucation - The construction of school in a datafied society

The use of digital technology in schools entails an increasingly comprehensive system of data collection. These (digital) data in turn influence processes across the school system, shaping the opinions and decisions of policymakers, school inspectors, school administrators, teachers, students, parents and the broader public. This project assumes that the genesis, interpretation and use of data are not (value) neutral. Inscribed in the data are ideas of 'good education', 'good schooling' and 'good lessons'. At the same time, this datafication is potentially changing the roles of teachers, students and other actors in the education system, as well as their relationships to each other.

Research focus

The Georg Eckert Institute explores changes in the relationship between software providers, teachers and students through the integration of new data-based, digital educational media in everyday classroom practice. The project unpacks the digital tools used in classrooms and analyses the interface between digital learning software (providers) and classroom practice. It asks how the software prefigures particular data practices, educational priorities and teacher and student roles.

Research group

The project is part of a BMBF-funded research group, which aims to critically observe how the increasing availability of digital data through information and monitoring systems as well as learning software is entangled with shifting roles, professional practices and social/pedagogical relationships. Overall, the research group seeks to better understand how people and systems deal with data and to what extent the school is being de- or reconstructed as a result of these (increasingly professionalised) data practices.

More information can be found here: We tweet @DatafiedSchools

Project Duration



Andreas Breiter (Institut für Informationsmanagement Bremen (ifib))

Sigrid Hartong (Helmut-Schmidt-Universität Hamburg)

Juliane Jarke (Institut für Informationsmanagement Bremen (ifib))

Sieglinde Jornitz (DIPF | Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education, Frankfurt)