Innovative History Education for All

The aim of this European consortium project is to provide high-quality digital resources for history teachers across Europe as an impetus for a multi-perspective teaching approach. The project group consists of the lead applicant EUROCLIO(Netherlands), in collaboration with the web developers Webtic (Netherlands), the Mount School, York (UK), the Instytut Badan Edukacyjnych (IBE, Poland) and the Georg Eckert Institute.  The team is developing online tools, source material and modules for historical learning that will be made available on Historiana, an online portal run by the community of European history teachers.

The first stage of Historiana’s expansion involved a requirements assessment conducted by The Educational Research Institute (IBE). The Mount School will then devise and test sample learning activities to demonstrate how the digital tools can be implemented in the classroom. Cross-border source collections will then be assembled on a variety of different topics and made available online.

The Georg Eckert Institute will compile a report examining the curricula specifications and educational policy requirements related to digital learning in Europe. The report will investigate 1) the strategies for digitisation in schools that exist at national level, 2) the aims associated with such strategies and the potential ascribed to digtal learning, 3) the guidelines for digital learning included in curricula. This will involve the research, analysis and evaluation of political policy documents, history and core curricula from selected European countries as well as the political guidelines issued by the European Union relevant to digital learning. The report will include recommendations for the advancement of digital learning in history lessons to which all project partners will contribute.


  • European Union Erasmus+


  • 2014-2017


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