Textbooks as Media

How is the mediality of educational technology entangled with changes and continuities in content, policy and practice? Focusing on textbooks and other educational media, the Textbooks as Media (SAM) department explores conflicts over what “counts” as worth knowing, and situates these conflicts in their social, cultural and political contexts. By taking a critically engaged approach, the department identifies findings on historical and contemporary media practices that can impact future public debates

History, theories and methodologies of textbook studies

Which theories and methodologies are used in research on textbooks and other educational media? This research unit systematically maps the diverse methodological approaches, highlighting innovative research methods. The unit also reflects on the academic and historical traditions of its own wider research field and critically examines its development. It aims to develop a solid theoretical and methodological basis for textbook and educational media studies founded on approaches drawn from empirical research practice and cultural studies.

Educational media change

How are educational media, such as textbooks, educational films and digital learning apps related to change at the curricular or policy level? The media change research unit explores the socio-political contexts of education and technology. It asks, for instance, how policy has been formulated, received and adapted by different media and stakeholders, or how struggles over what counts as valuable knowledge/skills played out in the past, and how they unfold today. From both a historical and a contemporary perspective, the unit aims to make sense of "new" educational technology and related local practices within the wider context of translocal and mobile discourses on, for example, digital education, open education and new media.

Educational media practices

How are textbooks and other educational media used in schools? How do students and educational practitioners engage with media in the classroom? The media practices research unit draws together cultural and media theories with research methods from the social sciences to investigate media practices in schools. One core focus lies on memory practices in today’s mediatised classrooms. Projects explore connections among cultural memory, the content and material affordances of media technologies, and the ways in which students and teachers engage with these media in their daily practice.