Learning to Disagree

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Teachers in the twenty-first century are frequently confronted by the issue of how to react to extreme opinions or false information ingested by their pupils from social networks, for example, and brought to the classroom. This project aims to help teachers to respond appropriately to such challenges and to support them in addressing controversial or sensitive topics in history and politics lessons. Teachers are encouraged to lead structured discussions enabling pupils to train social skills and build civic awareness. To this end the project partners are developing teaching materials that employ multiple perspectives to explore pan-European historic and political topics as well as creating teacher handouts addressing discussion formats and evaluation criteria.

The project is being conducted jointly with our partners Euroclio (the Netherlands), the Mount School in York (Great Britain), Edukacija za 21. vek (Serbia) and the Maynooth University (Ireland). The Georg Eckert Institute is using focus groups and a questionnaire to investigate the experiences, teaching practices and requirements of teachers in 30 European countries with relation to their approaches to controversial subjects. The results will constitute a requirements analysis, which will provide the foundation for materials and training courses.


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