Information services for searches and digitalised full-texts


The International TextbookCat is a research tool that enables researchers to search the textbook collections in new and more intuitive ways.

  • browse the collections
  • use search criteria designed specifically for textbook searches (including country or federal state, education level, subject, school type, etc.)


The Curricula Workstation provides central access to German and international curricula, in both print and electronic formats. Accessible worldwide, it is a permanent resource for researchers of history, geography, social studies/politics, and ethics/religious education curricula.

GEI-Digital – the digital textbook library >

GEI-Digital provides free access to digitised historical textbooks from many collections. It also enables targeted full-text searches within existing digitised collections.

GEI-DZS – Georg Eckert InstitutE database of approved textbooks for germany

GEI-DZS - The Georg Eckert Institute’s database of approved textbooks for geography, history and social studies/politics in German state schools. The database contains textbooks from the 2009/10 academic year up to the present day. (Open Access Repository)

The repository contains all open-access publications for which the Georg Eckert Institute has editorial responsibility. It also provides access to freely available publications from other institutions in the field. is an international platform that provides information on textbook systems around the world. It is a database providing information on the use and development of textbooks in their respective education systems.