Joint Science Conference supports the creation of a ‘Global Textbook Resource Center’

The Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research (GEI) is creating a ‘Global Textbook Resource Center’ (GLOTREC). GLOTREC is financed by special federal funding provided by the Joint Science Conference.

The aim of GLOTREC is to work with international partners to create, from the broad variety of digital products available, a research-based infrastructure for inter- and transdisciplinary educational media research that takes the academic requirements of that research area into account. There are three core areas:

To provide centralised and global access to textbooks and educational media
GLOTREC brings textbooks and digital educational media together within a single multilingual infrastructure. It provides a central access point to the information contained in collections and inventories dotted around the world and offers search tools custom-designed for educational media research. Interoperable interfaces enable researchers access to digital tools with which to immediately process their data.  

To digitally preserve educational media as part of our cultural heritage and make it available as a resource
The unique international collection held by the GEI’s Research Library is being digitised as part of GLOTREC and consequently preserved for the future. Digitised collections held by our international partners will also be added to the inventory creating a comprehensive digital library that will contain high-quality, international and multilingual data and full-text sources. This will be a valuable resource for researchers in the cultural sciences and humanities as well as those in social, information and computer sciences.

Initiate new research
New interdisciplinary research questions and innovative research designs will be generated on the basis of the comprehensive data collection available through GLOTREC. In 2021 the GLOTREC junior research group will start working at the GEI on research topics located in the cultural sciences as well as supporting the development of the digital infrastructure.

The director of the GEI, Professor Eckhardt Fuchs, highlighted the strategic potential of GLOTREC to digitally support and advance applied research in the field of educational media research, saying ‘we are delighted that this project has been approved. It will accelerate the development of our user-oriented digital products. The ‘big data’ produced by the resulting digital library will not only enable fundamental research but also applied studies on socio-political issues from interdisciplinary and transnational perspectives. GLOTREC consolidates the GEI’s long-term position as an international reference centre for educational media research’.
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