The GEI mourns the loss of Henry H. Arnhold, benefactor of the Georg Arnhold Program on Education for Sustainable Peace.

 The Georg Eckert Institute regrets to report the sad passing of Henry H. Arnhold (1921-2018), who died in New York on 23 August, 2018. Henry Arnhold was an exceptional figure, an inspiration and example to us all, who instituted the Georg Arnhold Program on Education for Sustainable Peace at the GEI in memory of his grandfather. Working together with Henry Arnhold was a true honor and enriching experience with a lasting impact on the work of our institute.

A truly inspiring person who recognized his unique position to change the world for the better and put this recognition into practice, Henry Arnhold was always modest despite his talents, extensive knowledge, and shrewd intuition. He constantly showed a genuine interest in others, fully committed to helping them achieve their full potential towards the common good. We were impressed and moved by his ability to combine a dry sense of humor with a deeply serious focus on key questions affecting the world today.

His memory guides us as we continue our work in the field of peace education. We are grateful for the time we were able to spend working with Henry Arnhold on issues about which he was so passionate.