Colloquium: Digital education using OER

The ‘OERinfo’ information centre, which was launched in November 2016 with support from the Federal Ministry of Research and Education, is a project on the DIPF German education server offering information about networking and the expansion of OER. The presentation will introduce the work of the OER information centre illustrating current developments and how best-practice examples are prepared and will provide an overview of central OER networks. The online platform presents comprehensive information on the subject of Open Educational Resources, both for specialised target groups and for the wider public with little previous knowledge of OER. The information centre increases the topic’s visibility by interlinking existing content, functionalities and information from relevant sources and media services offered by the German Education Server, the previous OER transfer centre and the OER World Map project.  One of the central objectives of the OER information centre is to become a key source of information and the primary port of call for OER, even for those who have to this point had little or no exposure to the subject of OER.