The purpose of the fellowships and research stipends offered by the Georg Eckert Institute is to provide young and established academics alike, as well as authors of textbooks, with the opportunity to have extensive access to the textbook collections in the Institute's library, take a comparative approach to their work and enter into close academic communication with colleagues in Germany and abroad. The Institute enables its fellowship and stipend holders to suspend other commitments for the duration of their funding and thus dedicate themselves wholly to the pursuit of their research interests. The GEI's staff provide organisational and academic support to research fellows and stipend holders, rounding off their experience of the Institute as a forum of lively academic discussion and international, interdisciplinary communication.

The Institute's research fellowships and stipends are funded by the German Federal Foreign Office and by the Friends and Supporters of the Georg Eckert Institute. The Georg Eckert Institute awards short-term research fellowships of between two and four weeks' duration. Applications should be submitted by post or, preferably, by email before the 15th September of a given year for fellowships in the following year. Further details on the application procedure here.

The Institute also awards the Otto Bennemann Grant for the promotion of methodologically innovative work in international textbook research and, once every four years, the Robert-Hermann Tenbrock Grant for research on Europe. A new addition to our range of research support schemes is the Georg Arnhold Professorship Program