Arnhold Symposium
on Education for Sustainable Peace

Georg Arnhold Symposium 2018


6.-8. December, 2018 in Basel, Switzerland

As the world we live in undergoes vast global and social changes, pedagogical theories and practices are somewhat lagging behind. Emerging new challenges and needs, such as the integration of refugees and immigrants, human rights, and gender-related power struggles all call for creative alternative practices and frameworks that allow personal and collective narratives to enter the classroom and academic sphere. Open-source online resources, such as children’s books and videos promoting peace and human rights, can offer solutions to these new challenges. 

The 2018 symposium will create a platform for education experts with a focus on emancipatory feminist critical pedagogy to question, (re)think and (re)invent practices and methods that promote sustainable peace and human rights advocacy, and provide an outlet for testimonies of human rights violations and exhaustion. The symposium's main objective is to create a space for sharing these new theories and practical (how-to) tools and methods developed by educators via a collaborative translation of theory into practice.

The Georg Arnhold Symposium 2017 is organized together with swisspeace the Swiss Peace Foundation.


Prof. Dr. Gal Harmat,
Katharina Baier,

Program and registration

The symposium will take place at the Wildt'sches Haus in Basel. Download the program of the symposium as well as the abstracts of the presentations here:

If you would like to register your attendance as a guest, please contact Katharina Baier (