The Georg Arnhold Program on Education for Sustainable Peace

The Georg Arnhold Program aims to promote research into education for sustainable peace. Its focus lies particularly on educational media and curricula at secondary school level in both post-conflict, transitional societies and Western democracies. The program seeks to develop new concepts to the end of maintaining and stabilizing peace within society. It is a response to the rising demand for sustainable, regionally sensitive, and grassroots approaches to establishing or strengthening a culture of peace and sustainable development, which represent key challenges for present and future generations.

At the signing of the memorandum of understanding in New York. Simone Lässig, Henry H. Arnhold and Helen Clark, Administrator UNDP.

The American benefactor Henry H. Arnhold (1921-2018)  instituted the guest professorship at the Georg Eckert Institute to honor the legacy of his grandfather, Georg Arnhold (1859-1926) who was a German banker, patron of the arts and committed pacifist.

The program consists of three components: the Georg Arnhold Visiting Research Professorship, the annual Arnhold Symposium and the Georg Arnhold International Summer School on Education for Sustainable Peace.

You can find more information about the work of the current Georg Arnhold Visiting Research Professor on his website.


Wendy Anne Kopisch and Katharina Baier
Program coordinators Georg-Arnhold-Program/Publications and International Cooperation
Branch Office B0.09 and B0.03
Phone: +49 531 59099-274