Conferences of the Georg Arnhold Program

The Hosting State and Its Restless Guests: Refugee Education, Migration and
Regional Peace in the Global South

24.-25. October 2019
New York, USA

The symposium will explore the relationship between refugee hosting and refugee education in large refugee hosting states in the Global South in light of global policy shifts that attempt to stem secondary movement. More than 80% of the world’s refugees reside in a handful of developing and middle-income countries. A wave of policy initiatives that emphasize local integration of refugees in the countries of first asylum in the global south have accompanied policies and practices that make it more and more difficult to seek asylum and block northward migration.  Both education and sustainable peace are both essential components of transforming refugee hosting states into places where refugees want to stay long term.

The 2019 symposium brings together senior scholars who are leaders in the field of refugee education, junior scholars doing cutting edge fieldwork on the changing face of education and refugee hosting, and scholar-practitioners engaged in applied research on the local implementation of policy. The main goal of the symposium is to explore the complex relationship between refugee education, onward migration and sustainable peace from the perspective of an array of large refugee hosting states around the world. Participants are invited to present papers based on original research which emphasizes local perspectives on education, and/or critical analyses of refugee education in the Global South more broadly.


The symposium is jointly organized by the Georg Arnhold Program and the Education Program at Barnard College, Columbia University, New York, United States.

The working language of the symposium will be English.

If you would like to register your attendance as a guest, please contact Katharina Baier (