Summer School 2015: Transitional Justice and Education

Transitional Justice and Education

Engaging Children and Youth in Justice and Peacebuilding through Educational Media, Curricula and Outreach

Braunschweig, Germany

Eighteen early-career scholars and practitioners from Africa, Asia, Europe and North America joined us at the Georg Eckert Institute from June 22 to 27 for the second Georg Arnhold International Summer School on Education for Sustainable Peace. Each participant presented his or her research on a topic related to the main theme of the Summer School: “Transitional Justice and Education: Engaging Children and Youth in Justice and Peacebuilding through Educational Media, Curricula, and Outreach.” Joining the participants were eight senior scholars and practitioners from Canada, Columbia, Costa Rica, Italy, South Africa, Spain and the United States: Each of them had extensive experience working in the field of transitional justice and education. In addition to sharing their expertise, they led the respective panels and engaged all in a constructive dialogue on their research and work.

The program of the Summer School consisted of five days of panel discussions, workshops, and feedback rounds and a special program day in Berlin. This structure provided participants with a productive environment to present their work, receive critical feedback, and learn of different approaches and perspectives on the incorporation of justice and peacebuilding principles into educational materials and curricula in post-conflict regions.

The day tip to Berlin focused on how Germany is dealing with its past and cultural memory and included a visit to the “Topography of Terror” exhibit and to the Berlin Wall Memorial, the central memorial site of German. The “Topography of Terror” focuses on the central institutions of the SS (paramilitary and security organization of the National Socialists) and police during the “Third Reich” and the crimes that they committed throughout Europe. Two pedagogues from the documentation center guided the group through the exhibition and introduced approaches to their memorial pedagogics.  

The Georg Eckert institute would like to thank the International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ), headquartered in New York City, for partnering with the Georg Arnhold Program to set up this year’s Summer School, in particular ICTJ’s senior associates Clara Ramírez-Barat and Roger Duthie and who joined us for the week!

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