Research Toolbox

Digital technologies enable global access to important source material and collections and have enormous potential for those working in the area of educational media research. Using computer-aided analytical processes developed by computer linguists and information technologists it is possible to search large amounts of texts for recurring patterns, linguistic anomalies or specific themes and to draw comparisons.

The Research Toolbox provides researchers, developers and librarians with a digital system to which additional functionalities can be added and which enables them to collate digital texts related to specific projects or thematic corpora and, using a range of software components, to augment the material with elements of machine-readable information and to analyse it. The Research Toolbox also allows an individual and flexible combination of the specific methods required in each case.

Computer technologists and humanities researchers at the GEI started developing the Toolbox in 2018 and it is been implemented in a number of current projects. Detailed documentation has been produced as well as many examples of use and in the future there will be a multi-lingual user interface and further analytical tools.

A role and rights management tool in the Research Toolbox will enable users to load copyright-protected texts or sensitive research data onto the platform which can then be processed within individual projects or compiled for specific corpora. The material can be edited within the team or released to third parties for further processing.


  • To provide a secure and stable infrastructure – enabling the aggregation and processing of digital texts
  • To develop tools that allow linguistic preparation/annotation of digital texts and which take into account the specific qualities of educational media.
  • To provide an environment in which different software modules can either be used independently of one another or combined
  • To provide quantitative analysis and personalised corpus analysis (user profiling)
  • To enable collaborative working