Exploring Markets: Using knowledge about digital educational media for economic benefit

The GEI provides transfer services, based on critical research, for application in national and international education practice, educational media production and education policy. With this project: ‘Exploring Markets: Using knowledge about digital educational media for economic benefit’ the GEI is, for the first time, tapping the potential to systematically integrate (commercial) transfer activities into its research in the humanities and in cultural studies using an application-oriented approach.

Project aim

The aim of the project is to increase the reach of the Institute’s transfer activities and to in turn develop new skills and expertise. Staff will be encouraged to consider the possibilities of creating (commercial) transfer products and services as an integral part of their research and will be able to contribute ideas throughout the entire process – from the initial project idea to the presentation of findings.


The project team will develop processes, guidelines and structures for the Institute's transfer activities, based on both existing transfer services and new ideas for creating economic benefits.

The initial focus will be on two categories:

  • Training for teachers on how to best use digital educational media
  • Consultancy services based on textbook analyses. 


The findings will consist of a methodology toolbox called ‘Using Knowledge’ that will help to:

  • identify external (and internal) demands
  • discover and evaluate the potential for (commercial) transfer activities
  • understand market mechanisms
  • select suitable methods and pathways for (commercial) transfer activities
  • develop innovative, user-oriented and marketable products and services.