Use of the OPSI Client Management System in Academic Institutions and the Community Project ‘opsi4instituts’ (2017)

On 18 and 19 May 2017, the Georg Eckert Institute hosted the first specialist conference worldwide dedicated exclusively to the OPSI client management system.

The conference was announced over the mailing lists of the major research associations (Leibniz, Max-Planck, Fraunhofer, Helmholtz), but after less than a week registration had to be closed – the maximum number of 35 participants and 5 presenters had already been reached (and exceeded!).

Erol Ülükmen, software developer and managing director, represented the Mainz-based producer UIB. With additional experts from Cape-IT and Univention, the conference was enriched by two other companies working with OPSI.

The meeting included the following presentations:

Composition of Attendees (Participants and Experts):

  • 13 x Leibniz Institutes
  • 3 x Fraunhofer Institutes
  • 6 x Max Planck Institutes
  • 5 x Helmholtz Institutes
  • 12 x Universites / institutes of higher education
  • 1 x other institutions
  • 3 x companies

Throughout the conference sessions, in chats during the breaks, and over dinner in Braunschweig’s Old City, participants exchanged experiences and strengthened their connections.

The attendees also agreed on future steps towards the qualitative improvement, further development and overall cooperation of the academic institutions regarding the community project ‘opsi4instituts’.

The project head and participants would like to thank the Georg Eckert Institute for organising, coordinating and financially supporting this conference. We hope to see a follow-up meeting in 2018, for example in Berlin, Karlsruhe or Mainz.