Early-Career Scholars

Research into textbooks can encompass a wide range of different academic disciplines; a diversity reflected in the postgraduates and early career scholars working at the Georg Eckert Institute. Those currently engaged in doctoral or post-doctoral work at the GEI include historians, political scientists, educationalists, ethnologists and academics from other disciplines such as media, cultural and Islamic studies. 

Institutional support and academic interconnections

Our postgraduates and early career scholars work on research or knowledge transfer projects and are actively engaged by the GEI in institutional development processes by being assigned organisational tasks and by participating in various internal committees. This blend of institutional tasks and study is made possible through a combination of intensive work phases interspersed with study leave.

Events and undertakings

Early career forum

The early career scholars and postgraduates meet monthly to discuss the organizational aspects of their work. This forum elects representatives to internal governing bodies, organises project work, draws up training plans and courses and independently manages a budget supplied to it by the Institute.


A regular colloquium offers the early career scholars and postgraduates the opportunity to cooperatively address questions in the field of educational media research. The colloquia cover a broad disciplinary spectrum ranging from theoretical and methodological debates to presentations of initial findings from doctoral work.

Winter or Spring school

A winter or spring school organised by the postgraduates and early career scholars promotes an internal discourse of current research at the institute. The focus lies primarily on discussions of the content, theory and methodology of doctoral and post-doctoral theses in progress at the Georg Eckert Institute. This provides a platform for intensive dialogue and communication unhindered by the day to day work of the institute.


The postgraduates and early career scholars regularly organise training workshops and further education seminars.

Further Activities

In addition to the above activities the early career scholars are active within the Leibniz Association and have started an initiative aimed at improving internal networking between all early career scholars and academics within the Leibniz community.

The postgraduates and early career scholars are closely involved in the organisation and execution of the GEI Colloquia.

They also supervise the Institute’s fellowship programme and assist with the Georg Arnhold Summer School.

Representatives of the Early-Career Scholars

Batol Kobeissi

Media | Transformation

Branch Office B0.17
Phone: +49 531 59099-398
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Kübra Akdemir

Knowledge in Transition

Branch Office B1.19
Phone: +49 531 59099-397
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