Dr. Basabi Khan Banerjee

Dr., Geographer, trained in the area of economic geography and cartography, was awarded PhD by the University of Calcutta towards the work 'Spatio-temporal Backwardness of Northern West Bengal (1960-1989)’ in 1991.

1981-1997: taught as lecturer and later Reader in Geography in Calcutta University College, was Member of Undergraduate Board of Studies, C.U

1997-2005: Reader in Geography and Social Science in National Council of Educational Research & Training, New Delhi, responsible for preparation of national curriculum, syllabuses, textboks and Teachers' Trainings. Prepared a Map Book For Visually Impaired Students.

Since 2005: Work on Disaster Education and Environmental Studies in India as well as Conflict and Textbook Studies in the context of South Asia.

2011/12: Visiting professorship, Centre for Development Studies (ZELF), FU Berlin

2011, 2014: Teaching assignments at the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University, Hanover, Germany


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