Anna-Lea Beckmann, M.A.

Anna-Lea Beckmann joined the GEI in May 2015 and is an academic documentalist in the Digital Information and Research Infrastructures (DIRI).

She studied librarianship and classical archeology from 2003 to 2010 at Humboldt University of Berlin as well as medieval history at the Technical University in Berlin during the same period. She spent time on work experience placements as a librarian in Yad Vashem, the Israeli Authority for the Remembrance of the Martyrs and Heroes of the Holocaust in Jerusalem and in the German Historical Institute in London. She completed her master's degree in 2010. During her studies she worked as a student assistant for the property firm Berliner Gesellschaft zum Controlling der Immobilien-Altrisiken.


  • Project coordinator of, an international information platform regarding textbooks in the context of their respective education systems.