Batol Kobeissi

Batol Kobeissi has worked as a researcher at the Georg Eckert Institute since December 2018 in the joint research project: ‚Islamic Religious Education Lessons: How a new subject is negotiated, taught and practiced’ (IRU-AWA). This interdisciplinary project is run by the Media and/in Transformations and also Knowledge in Transition departments and is divided into two studies. Batol Kobeissi is responsible for the study investigating classroom practices in schools in Lower Saxony.

Batol Kobeissi studied for a dual bachelor’s degree in political science and Arabic and Islamic studies at the University of Göttingen between 2011 and 2015. Her dissertation examined the compatibility of democracy and Islam. She completed her master’s degree in ‘Politics and Economy of the Middle East’ at the Phillips-Universität Marburg. While working on her dissertation she travelled to Lebanon to research the women of Hezbollah. During her studies she specialised in Muslim minorities, women in Islam and hegemonistic conflict in the Middle East.

Prior to her studies and while studying, Batol Kobeissi had several part-time and voluntary positions. She worked as a journalist, for example, and as a student researcher as well as teaching Arabic and interpreting.