Detlef Krummel, Dipl.-Ing

Detlef Krummel Dipl. Ing. (FH) has been responsible for the IT systems at the Georg Eckert Institute since 2004. As an AdA-qualified instructor he is responsible for training the institute's IT apprentices, who specialise in systems integration. He is a member of the Leibniz Association Working Group (WGL) for Dual Vocational Education and Training and also, in his role as head of IT at the Institute, of the WGL for IT

He was born in 1961 in Oberlausitz. After an apprenticeship as a television technician in Straßfurt, he studied at the University of Applied Sciences in Mittweida. He has been employed in IT since 1985, of which more than 12 years have been in the private sector.

Information technology also plays a meaningful role in his private life: he met his partner online and now lives with her in Braunschweig. At home Detlef Krummel spends plenty of time looking at conventional printed materials, and not just technical literature. He also follows his Asian-tinted life philosophy by cooking with a wok.

Detlef Krummel is a co-founder and the principle maintainer of the OPSI4institutes system, a cross-institutional cooperation project using the OpenSource client management system, OPSI. More information about this can be obtained upon request or found in the WIKI (in German) at

He lectures and arranges workshops and training sessions on the subject of OPSI.

Presentations / Workshops:

28./29.9.2016 65th DFN Company Symposium - Safety Forum 'Sicherheit'

"Clientsicherheit mittels Software-Deployment & Community-Projekt 'OPSI4instituts'"

16.02.2016  OpenSource- and OPSI practical workshop for the ZPID Trier

10.OpenSource Monitoring Conference 2015 (Nuremberg)
"Nagios3/Icinga 2-Anbindung an OPSI (Folien)" Video (o4i from 16min:45sec)
WGL:  44th AK-IT in Bonn
"OPSI: Software-Inventarisierung und Lizenzmanagement"
Leibniz "Woche der IT" (IT week) at GEI
"OPSI-Praxisworkshop"for the DSMZ & Euradia (Braunschweig), BIPS (Uni Bremen), LIfBi (Bamberg)

OPSI practical workshop for the ZMT Bremen
OPSI practical workshop for the ISAS Dortmund

WGL: 39th AK-IT in Cologne
"Softwareverteilung: Ein Blick aus der Praxis auf OPSI"