Dr. Maren Tribukait

Maren Tribukait has been a research fellow at the GEI since 2013 and conducts research into digital learning, media in schools, and history teaching. She is interested in the changes inspired by our digital age, and by increasing social diversity, within the media, classroom, school and education system and is currently researching approaches to controversial and sensitive topics in history lessons. She is also interested in dialogue between academics, educational practitioners and policy-makers through projects such as ‘The Textbook of the Year’.

She studied history and German studies in Berlin and London and completed her first teacher training qualification in 1999. Following a traineeship at C. H. Beck, she worked as a textbook editor for the subject of history at the Ernst Klett Verlag from 2002 until 2008. In 2008 she joined the postgraduate programme in the Bielefeld Graduate School in History and Sociology at the University of Bielefeld and was awarded her doctorate in 2013 for her thesis, Gefährliche Sensationen. Die Visualisierung von Verbrechen in deutschen und amerikanischen Pressefotografien (1920-1970) (Dangerous sensations: the visualisation of crime in German and American press photography, 1920-1970), in which she reconstructs the criteria according to which photographs were deemed presentable and the power of images in the public sphere.


  • Learning to Disagree (2017-2000) This project aims to support teachers in Europe in their approaches to controversial or sensitive topics in history and politics lessons. Using requirements analysis, the project team develops teaching materials employing multiple perspectives to address relevant pan-European historic and political topics, and designs teacher handouts addressing discussion formats and evaluation criteria.
  • Innovative History Education for All (2014-2017) – In this European collaborative project, digital tools are being developed for the history classroom and rendered accessible to history teachers across Europe via the learning portal Historiana. The GEI is composing a report on the official standards for curricula and education policy pertaining to digital learning in Europe.
  • Textbook of the Year – This annual award for outstanding textbooks distinguishes those who are particularly innovative in terms of content, didactics, media or design.
  • Edu.reviews – the platform for textbook reviews. Here we publish textbook reviews by teachers and pupils, researchers and students in order to bring together a variety of perspectives on textbooks.