Dr. Patrick Mielke

Patrick Mielke is a research fellow in the Knowledge in Transition department. He currently coordinates the research area Polarisation and Cohesion. He is also undertaking a qualitative interview study (sub-study 3) and an ethnographic study (sub-study 4) within the research project Subjects for Democracy: Current Challenges and Opportunities in Democracy Education in Germany (Demos). Through this study he will investigate the implementation, appropriation and negotiation behind political and programmatic guidelines in relation to democracy education in everyday school teaching

Patrick Mielke studied ethnology and political science at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen and gained his doctorate from the Institute for Cultural Anthropology/ European Ethnology under Prof. Regina Bendix. His thesis was titled Die Aushandlung von Zugehörigkeit und Differenz im Geschichtsunterricht. Eine ethnographische Diskursanalyse and explored the obstacles that oppose the reframing of the dominant narrative surrounding ‘own’ and others’ in colonial discourse including in the form of habitually established language and associated images, as well as in specific everyday practices in schools. Instead of constructing differences, which often follow an inherent narrative of progress, he argues that social reality should be taken into account by including post-colonial, post-migrant and racism-critical perspectives as well as an emphasis on commonalities and interdependencies.

Research Interests

  • Ethnographic media reception and appropriation research
  • Ethnographic discourse analysis
  • Democracy education
  • Post-colonial and racism-critical education
  • Memory practices

Current Projects

Concluded Projects


Mielke, Patrick (2020): Die Aushandlung von Zugehörigkeit und Differenz im Geschichtsunterricht. Eine ethnographische Diskursanalyse. Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, eDiss. http://hdl.handle.net/21.11130/00-1735-0000-0005-1349-4

Mielke, Patrick (2020): The enacting of belonging and difference. An ethnographic discourse analysis. Historical Encounters: A journal of historical consciousness, historical cultures, and history education, 7(2), 97-102. http://hej.hermes-history.net/index.php/HEJ/article/view/162

Macgilchrist, Felicitas/Ahlrichs, Johanna/Mielke, Patrick/Richtera, Roman: Memory practices and colonial discourse: On text trajectories and lines of flight. Critical Discourse Studies 14/4 (2017), p. 341-61.

Ahlrichs, Johanna et al.: Memory practices in the classroom. On reproducing, destabilizing and interrupting majority memories. JEMMS 7/2 (2015), p. 89-109.

Presentations / Workshops

Critical Whiteness and Knowledge in Educational Contexts. Presentation: 3rd Annual Conference of the Memory Studies Association, Madrid 25. – 28.06.2019.

‘Critical Discourse Analysis’ - workshop during the conference on ‘The representation of Roma in European Curricula and Textbooks’; Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research, Braunschweig 17.-27. July 2018.

Memory Practices and colonial discourse: Tracing text trajectories and lines of flight. Presentation at the international conference on ‘The politics of memory practices. Making the past present in contemporary education’. Georg Eckert Institute, Braunschweig February 2016.

Applied history – Cultural anthropological perspectives on history education and memory: Imperialism and European colonialism. Presentation at the Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol January 2016.