Jakob Kirchheimer, M.A.

studied geography, modern history and political science at the Humboldt University, Berlin and the Leibniz University, Hanover. In 2009 he gained his master’s degree with a dissertation on the processes of political structuring amongst Guatemalan refugees. After completing his studies he worked for the Dutch human rights organisation Impunity Watch in Utrecht, Belgrade and Guatemala City. He was responsible for research and capacity building projects addressing social conflict and how nations are reconciled with their past.

In his PhD thesis on educational policy and mass crimes he is examining the influence of truth commissions on educational policy, curricula and educational media in Guatemala and Peru. In addition to his work at the Georg Eckert Institute Jakob Kirchheimer works on the project ‘Peace Education and Transitional Justice‘, which is sponsored by the Federal Foreign Office. He researches how teachers in Guatemala, Peru and Columbia respond to communicating content related to conflicts and which media they employ to this end.