Nadine Towara

Nadine Towara joined the Georg Eckert Institute in February 2018. She works as an assistant in the long-term ‘GEI-Digital’ project where she is responsible for the digitisation of German reading primers from the German imperial period for the research project ‘Islam in German Reading Primers’.

She studied for her bachelor’s degree in ‘Information Management’ at the Hochschule Hannover – University of Applied Sciences and Arts between 2014 and 2018. Her studies focussed on information technology and internal information systems. In 2017, as part of her course, she completed a placement in the research library at the Georg Eckert Institute, during which time she helped the library team carry out a user survey. She commenced a master’s programme in ‘International Information Management – Information Science’ in April 2018 at the University of Hildesheim.