Media Coverage

Media reports play an important part in the communication process between academia and society. We therefore pay close attention to the ways in which our work is portrayed by the press, radio and on television. Some example extracts can be viewed on these web-pages. Press reports also provide a certain documentation of the Institute's history. Such background information about the activities of the GEI can be found here.

We are also a member of the Academic Information Service (idw). Interesting press releases, both regional and trans-regional, are available either on these web-pages or in the archive.

  • Wie ein Streamingdienst für Schulbücher

    Die nötigen Veränderungen für Schulbücher in Verbindung mit Lernclouds erläutert Dr. Annekatrin Bock in einem Artikel des Tagesspiegels. Das GEI begleitet die Entwickung der "HPI-Schul-Cloud" wissenschaftlich. Read more

  • ‘Textbook of the Year’ and Education for Sustainable Development

    UNESCO’s Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development reports on the awards for ‘Textbook of the Year 2019’. The article (in German) refers specifically to education for sustainable development (ESD), which features in one of the winning books. Read more

  • Archäologische Funde auf der Baustelle des GEI

    Nicht nur auf das Grab acht junger Männer, welches bei Bauarbeiten im Zuge des Bibliotheksneubaus des GEI entdeckt worden sind, geht der NDR in einem Beitrag ein, sondern berichtet außerdem über Hintergründe und Folgen des Fundes. Read more

  • Water conflicts in geography books

    Dr Tobias Ide is collaborating with two colleagues on a critical geopolitical analysis of how conflicts concerning water resources are depicted in geography textbooks. The analysis appears in the interdisciplinary journal ‘Water Alternatives’. Read more

  • Prof. Dr. Eckhardt Fuchs im Interview mit Bayern 2

    Im Interview mit Bayern 2 spricht der Direktor des GEI, Prof. Dr. Eckhardt Fuchs, über die Anforderungen an ein gutes Schulbuch und über den Preis "Schulbuch des Jahres 2019". Read more

  • "Schulbuch des Jahres 2019" im BuchMarkt

    In einem Artikel auf der Internetseite der Zeitschrift "BuchMarkt. Das Ideenmagazin für den Buchhandel" wird über die Vergabe des Preises "Schulbuch des Jahres 2019" berichtet. Dass die Kategorie MINT nicht berücksichtigt wurde, wird in dem Artikel erläutert. Read more

  • Thought-provoking textbooks

    The GEI, in partnership with the Federal Agency for Civic Education and the Didacta Association, honours innovative textbooks each year in order to highlight their social significance. The prizes for ‘Textbook of the Year 2019’ will be awarded to the three best textbooks for upper secondary level in the language and society categories. The shortlist has been announced. Read more

  • Starving Heroes – On the History of an ‘Icon of Annihilation’

    How does a photograph of nine captured heroes become an ‘Icon of Annihilation? Lars Müller, a GEI research fellow, explores this question in his blog entry ‘Starving Heroes’ on the Visual History website. Read more

  • Textbooks focus on extremism

    Dr Eleni Christodoulou, a researcher at the GEI, spoke to 'Die Welt' newspaper about the way in which German textbooks are tackling diverse forms of extremism, and presented the initial findings from her new study. Read more

  • The persistence of anti-Semitic sentiment in textbooks

    Dr Dirk Sadowski, a research fellow at the GEI was among those interviewed for an article by Spiegel Online regarding the criticism levelled at German textbooks by Josef Schuster, president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany. Read more