Media Coverage

Media reports play an important part in the communication process between academia and society. We therefore pay close attention to the ways in which our work is portrayed by the press, radio and on television. Some example extracts can be viewed on these web-pages. Press reports also provide a certain documentation of the Institute's history. Such background information about the activities of the GEI can be found here.

We are also a member of the Academic Information Service (idw). Interesting press releases, both regional and trans-regional, are available either on these web-pages or in the archive.

  • Korrektes Wissen im Zeitalter von Fake News

    Im Rahmen der Preisverleihung zum Schulbuch des Jahres 2018 sprach Eckhardt Fuchs mit Deutschlandfunk Kultur darüber, was ein gutes Schulbuch auszeichnet. Read more

  • Heroism in Textbooks

    As part of the ‘Different Wars’ exhibition Robert Maier, head of the Europe department at the GEI, was interviewed for an article in Der Tagespiegel newspaper about current developments in history textbooks, which focussed particularly on the textbook market in eastern Europe. Read more

  • ‘Jihad’ does not only mean ‘Holy War’

    Riem Spielhaus, head of the Textbooks and Society department at the GEI explains in the Braunschweiger Zeitung that ‘Jihad’ does not automatically mean ‘holy war’, and describes the full spectrum of meanings behind the term. Read more

  • Der Islam und die Evolutionstheorie

    Warum sich der Islam mit der Evolutionstheorie schwer tut und wie man beide doch noch miteinander vereinen kann, das diskutiert Deutschlandfunk und lässt dabei den GEI-Mitarbeiter Engin Deniz Yorulmaz zu Wort kommen. Read more

  • Digital media in German schools abroad

    Felicitas Macgilchrist, head of the Textbooks as Media department, discusses the many dimensions of digital media implementation and use in German schools abroad and outlines her research project at three such schools. The interview, with Andreas Müllauer, can be found on pages 42 to 44 of the magazine ‘Begegnung’. Read more

  • Migration: A Chapter of its own

    Riem Spielhaus, head of the Textbooks and Society department gave a lecture in the Stuttgart city library on prejudices and negative clichés expressed in textbooks about people with migrant backgrounds. Read more

  • Green Light for Future Funding

    During its meeting in Berlin on 11 July 2017, the Senate of the Leibniz Association recommended funding the Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research for a further seven-year period. Founded in 1975, the Institute earned a very positive second evaluation, convincing the panel with its close integration of research, research infrastructure, and knowledge transfer. Read more


    What do children learn about Islam from their textbooks and what is not included? Germany’s classrooms have reflected its position as a country of immigration for some time. Many textbooks, however, still do not adequately portray this social diversity. Teaching materials on the subject of Islam, for example, frequently still lack a differentiating perspective. Read more

  • A Talking Pen and an Instinct to Play

    A book that can speak? The Finken Verlag created the sound and picture book ‘Komm zu Wort!’ (Raise Your Voice!) for refugee children without previous knowledge of German. At the 2017 ‘Textbook of the Year’ award ceremony on 24 March, the book received a special prize for ‘Diversity in Educational Media’. Read more

  • How Current Are Our Textbooks?

    Why do so few immigrants appear in our textbooks? Do authors and publishers still consider immigration an anomaly? NDR Info Forum is looking for answers. Read more