Shortlist announced for 'Textbook of the Year 2019’

  • Over 40 textbooks entered
  • Outstanding examples of innovative add-ons
  • No shortlisted books in STEM subjects for upper secondary level.

The Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research (GEI) has awarded the ‘Textbook of the Year’ award annually since 2012. The Institute, which is a member of the Leibniz association, works closely with the Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb) and the Didacta Association to honour authors, editors and textbook publishers for the development and production of innovative textbooks, in order to highlight the significance of this medium. This year prizes will be awarded to the three best textbooks for the sixth form in the language and society categories. The winners will be announced at 3pm on 19 February 2019 at the Didacta education fair in Cologne.

A-Level aid, knowledge base or catalyst – what makes a good sixth form textbook?

The jury was impressed by the fact that many of the 40 submitted textbooks were not only designed to prepare pupils for their A-level examinations, but that they also unlocked new aspects of certain fields of knowledge and provided thought-provoking stimuli. The six shortlisted works seize upon interesting contemporary problems that inspire and stimulate pupils, in a manner that encourages reflection and a shift in perspective. Their approaches provide guidance that extends far beyond A-levels. Digital add-ons offer alternative input through visual materials and provide deeper insights into the subject matter.

‘The positive trend in textbook development, observed by the jury since 2012, was somewhat overshadowed by the lack of shortlisted material in the STEM category for sixth form pupils. We do not believe that this indicates an absence of innovative teaching material in this area, but we were only able to select works from the pool of submitted textbooks. We look forward to such textbooks being submitted for next year’s prize’ said Prof. Eckhardt Fuchs, director of the GEI and chair of the jury.

‘All school subjects are called upon to develop methodologies and to disseminate knowledge that enables us to shape the digital society’ said Thomas Krüger, President of the bpd. ‘In future I would like to see not only digital textbooks, but a stronger focus in lessons on the topic of digitisation.’

The award is sponsored by the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the German Länder (KMK). This year’s prizes will be awarded by Prof. R. Alexander Lorz, President of the KMK, who said ‘In view of the central educational significance of both analogue and digital textbooks for successful teaching, I am delighted to assume the patronage for this competition and the award ceremony for the ‘Textbook of the Year’.

The nominations can be viewed here: