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Projects before 2005:

Bilateral Textbook Commissions and Projects

These are 'classic' projects, formally based on the traditional textbook work. Their content, however, is orientated towards current affairs.

Currently most of the bilateral textbook projects and commissions are part of the Research Area Europe.

Topic-Orientated and Multilateral Projects

Since the late 1980s, the Georg Eckert Institute began to explore new topic-orientated research areas alongside its 'classic' bilateral work. The projects presented here pertain to this new orient

Projects on Societies in Transition and Post-Conflict Societies

With the end of the East-West conflict, it at first appeared as though a large part of the Institute's work had become superfluous. It soon became clear, however, that precisely the opposite was the case. In Eastern European and South-East European societies in particular, new lines of conflict had appeared, in turn bringing new challenges for educational issues. The Georg Eckert Institute has played a significant advisory and mediatory role in this regard, as well as in permanent conflicts such as in the Middle East.

Projects on Learning Media

The GEI has always been interested in further teaching materials beyond textbooks, including new media. Material archives on the internet for geography and history teaching are continually updated and extended. At the same time, new areas are explored.