Volume 146

Dieter Dowe, Eckhardt Fuchs, Heike Christina Mätzing, Steffen Sammler (eds): Georg Eckert. Grenzgänger zwischen Wissenschaft und Politik

Göttingen: V&R unipress, 2017. 330 p. ISBN 978-3-8471-0761-3, 45,00 €.

This publication is the result of a conference commemorating Georg Eckert’s 100th birthday in 2012. It highlights Eckert’s many achievements, the most notable being the establishment of the textbook research institute that bears his name. The book opens with a chapter reviewing Eckert’s life; further contributions then discuss his activities in the field of international understanding, such as his work in bilateral textbook commissions and in the German UNESCO commission. The volume also explores his outstanding work researching the history of social democracy: he founded the ‘Archiv für Sozialgeschichte’ (Social History Archive), an important forum for social history research. The academic contributions are supplemented by contemporary accounts which provide a more detailed and personal exploration of Georg Eckert himself.

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