Volume 132

Klaus Spenlen, Susanne Kröhnert-Othmann (eds.): Integrationsmedium Schulbuch. Anforderungen an islamischen Religionsunterricht und seine Bildungsmaterialien

Göttingen: V&R unipress, 2012. 225 p. ISBN 978-3-8471-0020-1

High demands are being made on Islamic religious education. Apart from the educational mandate in schools, it is expected to promote a culture of acknowledgement of ethnic and religious diversity, the objective being the educational inclusion of all pupils.
This volume discusses the introduction of Islamic instruction in schools and the relevant text books in concrete, objective terms. To this end, the volume explains the fundamentals of the new subject, relates theoretical and practical teaching experiences to the issue of religion in a migratory context, and contributes to the transcultural discourse over teaching materials. The authors work in schools, in the children’s and young people’s welfare services, in teacher training and in tertiary education. The book addresses Islamic scholars, teachers of religious education, theologians, historians, sociologists, ethnologists and educationists, but also enriches the still new academic debate on the role of Islam in Germany.

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