Volume 140

Marcin Wiatr: Oberschlesien und sein kulturelles Erbe Erinnerungspolitische Befunde, bildungspolitische Impulse und didaktische Innovationen

Göttingen: V&R unipress, 2016. 324 p. ISBN 978-3-8471-0593-0, 39,00 €.

Marcin Wiatr contributes to the reconstruction, objectification and advancement of the discourse on educational policy regarding the reconditioning and adoption of the German cultural heritage on-going in Poland since 1989. The project pivots around “Upper Silesia” – both as the subject of an exploration into political memory and as a venue for the virulent developments in educational policy that were incorporated symbolically into the first-ever published history book on the region of Upper Silesia. The aim of the study is to provide a reliable basis for the educational policy debates in both Poland and Germany in order to understand German heritage (among others) as a Europeanization moment within the history of Upper Silesia. The study further aims to illustrate how Upper Silesia can be taught successfully in the classroom as a place of remembrance shaped by multiculturalism.

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