Studies in International Textbook Research

The book series "Studien zur internationalen Schulbuchforschung" presents the results of the Institute's research work. As of volume 122 the series has been continued as 'Eckert. Die Schriftenreihe'.

Vol. 121

Thomas Strobel und Robert Maier (eds.): Das Thema Vertreibung und die deutsch-polnischen Beziehungen in Forschung, Unterricht und Politik.

  • 2008. 230 pages
  • ISBN 978-3-88304-321-0
  • 19,- €
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Vol. 120

Madlen Benthin: Die Vertreibung der Deutschen aus Ostmitteleuropa. Deutsche und tschechische Erinnerungskulturen im Vergleich.

  • 2007. 155 pages
  • ISBN-10: 3-88304-320-6
  • ISBN-13: 978-3-88304-320-3
  • € 9,-
  • Contents

Vol. 119

Georg Stöber (ed.): Deutschland und Polen als Ostseeanrainer.

  • 2006. 149 pages
  • ISBN-10: 3-88304-319-2
  • ISBN-13: 978-3-88304-319-7
  • € 15,-
  • Contents

Vol. 118

Andreas Helmedach (ed.): Pulverfass, Powder Keg, Baril de Poudre? Südosteuropa im europäischen Geschichtsschulbuch / South Eastern Europe in European History Textbooks

  • 2007. 316 pages
  • ISBN-10: 3-88304-318-6
  • ISBN-13: 978-3-88304-318-0
  • 20,- €
  • Contents

This book demonstrates that the historical region of South-Eastern Europe (or ‘The Balkans’) is still not adequately represented in European school textbooks; indeed, that this part of our continent is frequently avoided and circumvented by academic studies. In textbooks from Western and Central Europe, South-Eastern Europe appears, if at all, as an exclusively problematic area; indeed, as a ‘powder keg’. In textbooks from South-Eastern Europe, on the other hand, the historical region as a traditional whole disappears behind the nation-state perspectives of history textbooks that have only recently been – at the very least – expanded to provide a Europe-wide viewpoint. This is made clear by means of twelve textbook analyses that examine how post-Byzantine South-Eastern Europe is dealt with in British, German, French, Greek, Italian, Croatian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovakian and Hungarian contemporary history textbooks, as well as the portrayal of Byzantium in contemporary German, French and British textbooks. Ultimately, in the concluding chapter, the editor presents his suggestions for an improved and appropriate representation of South-Eastern Europe in German history textbooks.

Vol. 117

Elisabeth Erdmann / Robert Maier / Susanne Popp (Eds.): Geschichtsunterricht international - Bestandsaufnahme und Visionen
Worldwide Teaching of History - Present and Future
L'enseignement de l'histoire dans le monde - Bilan et visions

  • 2006. 380 pages
  • ISBN 3-88304-317-6
  • € 22,-
  • Contents

National history or world history? Factual knowledge or methodological skills? Formation of a self-conscious, democratically-minded citizen - but how? Which goals should history teaching achieve? How can teachers implement these goals within a strictly defined curriculum? These questions are tackled in this volume by international experts whose articles provide an overview of the most recent research findings and of curricular guidelines. The assessment of the state-of-the-art was discussed at a conference held in Tutzing/Germany, in September 2003, by the International Society for History Didactics. The articles document and further develop the conclusions that emerged from the debate.

Vol. 116

Gisela Teistler (Ed.): Lesen lernen in Diktaturen der 1930er und 1940er Jahre. Fibeln in Deutschland, Italien und Spanien

  • 2006. 287 pages
  • ISBN 3-88304-316-8
  • € 28,-
  • Contents

Vol. 115

Markus Furrer: Die Nation im Schulbuch - zwischen Überhöhung und Verdrängung. Leitbilder der Schweizer Nationalgeschichte in Schweizer Geschichtslehrmitteln der Nachkriegszeit und Gegenwart

  • 2004. 376 pages
  • ISBN 3-88304-315-X
  • € 22,-
  • Contents

Historians assert that Swiss identity has emerged from and been shaped by history. It is thus no accident that great importance has been attached to the image of history in the small state of Switzerland. The present study analyses how history has been presented in history teaching materials, thereby focussing on the dimension of national history. It is the history of an "act of will", seen as the core of historical events. Teaching materials have strongly emphasized it, following a national liberal and teleological argument. As a result, the image of a self-sufficient and isolated Switzerland persisted in the textbooks until the 1980s - in society, this image is still strongly present today. The national dimension now proves to be a trap: a fixation on the internal blocks the opening up to the external. Through the example of Switzerland, this study tries to find answers to the question, which also concerns other countries, of how the national dimension could be enlightened in the future.

Vol. 114

Wolfgang Pauels: The Yellow Devil and the American Dream. Materials on the USA in East and East-Central European Textbooks

  • 2004. 90 pages
  • ISBN 3-88304-314-1
  • € 7,-
  • Contents

Vol. 113

Heidrun Dolezel und Andreas Helmedach (Hrsg.):

Die Tschechen und ihre Nachbarn. Studien zu Schulbuch und Schülerbewusstsein.

  • 2006. 285 pages
  • ISBN 3-88304-313-3
  • €  22,-
  • Contents

Vol. 112

Robert Maier (ed.): Zwischen Zählebigkeit und Zerrinnen. Nationalgeschichte im Schulunterricht in Ostmitteleuropa

  • 2004. 319 pages
  • ISBN 3-88304-312-5
  • € 19,-
  • Contents

Vol. 111

Georg Stöber (ed.): Der Transformationsprozess in (Ost-)Deutschland und in Polen.

  • 2003. 192 pages
  • ISBN 3-88304-311-7
  • € 15,-
  • Contents

Vol. 110/1

Ruth Firer and Sami Adwan: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in History and Civics Textbooks of Both Nations. Ed.: Falk Pingel.

  • 2004.
  • 176 pages
  • ISBN 3-88304-142-4
  • € 9,-
  • Contents

Vol. 110/2

Falk Pingel (Ed.): Contested Past, Disputed Present. Curricula and Teaching in Israeli and Palestinian Schools

  • 2002. 150 pages
  • ISBN 3-88304-143-2
  • € 9,-
  • Contents

Vol. 82/C

Becher, Ursula A. J., Włodzimierz Borodziej and Robert Maier (eds.): Deutschland und Polen im zwanzigsten Jahrhundert. Analysen - Quellen - didaktische Hinweise.

  • 2001. 432 pages - (Deutsche und Polen, Geschichte einer Nachbarschaft, Teil C)
  • ISBN 3-88304-141-6
  • € 9,-
  • Contents