Research Forums

Academics from many diverging fields work at the Georg Eckert Institute, so in order to accentuate and develop key research areas we have combined the various disciplines to form four research forums. The main aim of these forums is to promote discussion of topics that reach beyond the mandate of individual projects and are of particular relevance to the institute:

RF 1: Memory Cultures and Memory Practices

Textbooks have frequently been analysed as media that convey cultural memories, but so far primarily from the perspective of separate nation-states. This research forum brings together a variety of projects at the Georg Eckert Institute that examine textbooks and education practices as objects and reflections of memory cultures.


Barbara Christophe

Department Textbooks as Media

Branch Office B0.21
Phone: +49 531 59099-241
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RF 2: Digital Educational Media Research

This research forum combines a variety of digital humanities research objectives and methods and considers their use in educational media research. At the same time, the forum represents a cross-disciplinary structure to support the GEI’s integration into the digital humanities and its development of the associated infrastructure.


Kerstin Schwedes

Department Europe

Branch Office B1.06
Phone: +49 531 59099-314
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RF 3: Historical Research

The Historical Research Forum focuses on new developments and trends, as well as questions of methodology. The large number of historians at the Institute means that this research forum provides a platform for exchange on current trends in historical research.


Steffen Sammler

Department Textbooks and Society

Branch Office B0.04
Phone: +49 531 59099-306
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RF 4: Didactics

This research forum addresses didactic questions that play a role in research, transfer and research infrastructure at the GEI. In terms of developing educational media, the forum offers a place to share experiences. In addition, it fosters an exchange between specialised didactic methods and the discussion of current didactic research.


Maren Tribukait

Department Textbooks as Media

Branch Office B0.17
Phone: +49 531 59099-326
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