Religious Plurality

Despite predictions that religions and the discourses surrounding them would eventually reduce in significance, the diversity of religions has, on the contrary, led to new discussions about social coexistence and the role or position of religion in contemporary societies. Against such a backdrop this research area explores the portrayal of religion and worldviews in textbooks as well as the pedagogical approaches employed in educational media, curricula, and global educational semantics to addressing religious plurality in a range of identity-building subjects. What is understood as religion; in which contexts is religion addressed, with what objective, and how is religious plurality dealt with? Which models of society are associated with these depictions? In which disciplines are religions and world views discussed and/or taught? Which past social controversies have been associated with this subject and what are current deliberations on the approach to religion in schools? Finally the research team analyses the emergence and change of school subjects related to religion and religious instruction in past and present, from religious education to ethics or ‘life skills’, and the role these subjects are expected to fulfil within education.