Christiane Brandau, M. A.

Christiane Brandau has worked in the Europe department at the Georg Eckert Institute since August 2016. She is coordinator for public relations on the German-Polish textbook project ‘Europe: Our History’.

She studied West-Slavic studies, Eastern and South-Eastern European history and German as a foreign language, in Leipzig and Warsaw. After completing her master’s degree she worked for two years as the cultural manager at the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (Institute for International Relations) in Breslau; subsequently she spent five years supervising the lectureship programme at the DAAD office in Warsaw. During this time she was also a DAAD lecturer at the Warsaw University of Technology. After a short spell in the DAAD headquarters in Bonn she moved to the European Department of the German Foreign Office for two years, where she worked on bilateral relations with Poland as well as programmes such as the German-Polish government commission for regional and cross-border cooperation. Most recently she was director of the liaison office for the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation in Berlin.