Dr. Imke Rath

Imke Rath joined the GEI in February 2015 as a researcher in the department Europa where she is responsible for compiling the internet publication  “EurViews” and for the transfer of existing digital sources within the expanded “WorldViews” project.

She studied languages and cultures of Austronesia with ethnology and Islamic Studies at Hamburg University, during which time she spent a year on study placement at the Institut Seni Indonesia in Denpasar. Her MA examined the inter-religious representation of Others in Indonesian religious education textbooks.

Upon completion of her studies she worked as a researcher in the Emmy Noether Junior Research Group “Text, image, performance: change and ambivalence of cultural orders in colonial contact zones” located in the Non-European History faculty of Hamburg University.  Whilst working on her subproject she spent periods researching in the Philippines and Mexico. She published her doctoral thesis in the beginning of 2017. It explores “Christian knowledge systems and translation strategies in a missionary context: the portrayal of the Tagalog religion in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries”.


Published works

  • Christliche Wissenssysteme und "Strategien des Übersetzens" im Missionierungskontext: Die Darstellung der tagalischen Religion im 17. und 18. Jahrhundert, Frankfurt a. M.: Peter Lang. 2017.
  • “Pedro Alejandro Paterno's La antigua civilización tagálog (1887): An Attempt to (Re)construct One's Own Religious Past“. In: Monika Arnez, Jürgen Sarnowsky (eds.),  The Role of Religions in the European Perception of Insular and Mainland Southeast Asia: Travel Accounts of the 16th to the 21st Century, Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 2016, p. 227-238.
  • „Von Geistern, die zu Hexen wurden: Transreligiöser Kulturkontakt mit dem Bösen in der spanisch-katholischen Mission auf den Philippinen“. In: Saeculum, 14 (2014) 1. p. 9-24.
  • “Depicting Netherworlds or the Treatment of the Afterlife in a Colonial Contact Zone: The Paete Case”. In: Astrid Windus, Eberhard Crailsheim (eds.), Image, Object, Performance: Mediality and Communication in Early Modern Contact Zones of Latin America and Asia. Müster: Waxmann. 2013, p. 173-196.