Frauke Placke, M.A.

Frauke Placke joined the Georg Eckert Institute’s Digital Information and Research Infrastructures (DIFI) department in 2017. Her role involves supporting the Edumeres team in setting up the DSpace Repository.

Ms Placke is currently undertaking doctoral research at Leibniz University in Hanover on the history of the Evangelisch-lutherischer Zentralverein für Begegnung von Christen und Juden, a Lutheran church association for the promotion of Jewish-Christian dialogue, in the period 1945-2000. She studied history at the University of Bayreuth, submitting her Master’s dissertation in 2011 on the attitude of the Bavarian Regional Bishop Hans Meiser to the 1945 Stuttgart Declaration of Guilt.

After graduating, Frauke Placke worked at the archives of the Lutheran regional church of Hanover and at the Jebsen and Jessen Historical Archives in Apenrade, Denmark. She then took up a post in the department for manuscripts and historic printed publications at the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Library in Hanover. As a freelancer, she authored a celebratory publication for the Hanover Bible Society (Hannoversche Bibelgesellschaft) on the occasion of its two hundredth anniversary. Her last role previous to joining the GEI was as an academic assistant in the offices of the Council for Information Infrastructures in Göttingen.


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