Nadin Tettschlag

Nadin Tettschlag works as a research fellow at the Georg Eckert Institute in the department “Textbook and Society”. She has worked on the project "Zwischentoene/ Nuances – Teaching Materials for Diversity in Classrooms” since December 2013.

She studied social work/social pedagogy at Alice Salomon University of applied sciences Berlin, focusing on intercultural education, migration and transnationality. Afterwards she was a member of the research training group “Transnational social support” at the University of Hildesheim, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). For her doctoral dissertation she researched on transnational NGO cooperation between Europe and Latin America in the area of conflict between social work and state funded development cooperation, applying an ethnographical approach.


  • Zwischentoene/ Nuances – Teaching Materials for Diversity in Classrooms (since 2013) - The project aims at drawing up and making available teaching and learning modules which engage with and put into practice issues and ideas for teaching and learning at schools in an increasingly pluralist society which is profoundly influenced by processes of migration and globalisation. We will be designing example teaching units for history, political studies, religious studies/ethics and geography in secondary schools, which can be used to stimulate discussion on general social, historical and political issues from a variety of perspectives.
  • Innovative History Education for All (2014-2017) – In this European collaborative project, digital tools are being developed for the history classroom and rendered accessible to history teachers across Europe via the learning portal Historiana. The GEI is composing a report on the official standards for curricula and education policy pertaining to digital learning in Europe.


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