Patrick Mielke, MA

Patrick Mielke worked as a researcher at the Georg Eckert Institute from March 2013 until July 2016; in the project Memory Practices: Enacting and Contesting the Curriculum in Contemporary Classrooms . As part of this project he conducted two years’ field research at a rural grammar school and observed the history lessons of a year 9/10 class.

He studied ethnology and political science at the Georg August University in Göttingen and is studying for his PhD at the Institute for cultural anthropology / European ethnology at the Georg August University in Göttingen under the guidance of Professor Regina Bendix.

The working title of his PhD is “Applied history - cultural anthropological perspectives on history education and memory” (Angewandte Geschichte(n) – Kulturanthropologische Perspektiven auf Schule, Geschichtslernen und Erinnerung), in which he examines, amongst other things, how knowledge of the past is generated, presented and imparted in history lessons and which differentiations and demarcations are involved. His work presupposes that school represents a political arena within which history lessons, due to their role in the core curriculum, continue to make a specific contribution to the generation and mediation of a national and Euro-centric identity.