Tim Hartung, MA

Tim Hartung joined the Georg Eckert Institute in October 2013. He is a member of the Edumeres project team and is responsible for editing the Institute’s open access publications (Eckert. Beiträge and Eckert. Working Papers) and the textbook reviews. His thematic focus lies on “The involvement of students in textbook evaluation” and “The depiction of economic operators in textbooks”.

Tim Hartung holds a master's degree in international development studies from the University of Marburg. His master's dissertation addressed "Global Corporate Citizenship in German DAX-Listed Companies - Global Responsibility or Corporate-Ethics Fig leaf?”After completing his degree he worked as an education officer for the exhibition  "Migration - Integration" at Schloss Salder in Salzgitter, and as a freelance journalist for several local newspapers and magazines.


  • EdumeresThe virtual network for international educational media research
  • Edu.reviews – The online platform for textbook reviews
  • Edu.docs – Publications from the field of educational media research