Service Advisory Committee

Chairwoman of the Service Advisory Committee:

  • Doris Bambey
    Head of department - Information Center for Education of the German Institute for International Educational Research (DIPF)

The members are:

  • Andreas Baer
    Managing director - Verband Bildungsmedien e.V.

  • Prof. Dr. Christoph Bläsi
    Professor of Book Studies (Buchwissenschaft) - Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

  • Ulrich Bongertmann
    Vice President - Verband der Geschichtslehrer Deutschlands e.V. VGD 

  • Detlef Endeward
    Divisional head - Lower Saxony Regional Institute for Educational Quality Development (Niedersächsisches Landesinstitut für schulische Qualitätsentwicklung - NLQ)  

  • Helga Holtkamp
    Director Central Office Denmark of the European Educational Publishers Group EEPG

  • Thomas Krüger
    President - German Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb)

  • Kate Maleike
    Deutschlandfunk radio, editor, member of the "Campus and Careers" team

  • Dr Gisela Minn
    Universiry of Trier, researcher of the Collaborative Research Centre "Foreigners and Poverty" (Fremdheit und Armut), academic coordinator, research group coordinator

  • RDn Claudia Schanz
    Lower Saxony Ministry of Culture, Section 23 Political education, media education, memorials, education for sustainable development

  • Dr Helga Trüpel
    Politician representing Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, member of the European Parliament

  • Dr Joke van der Leeuw-Roord
    Founder of and special advisor to EUROCLIO Europe