Dr. Nijmi Edres

Dr. Nijmi Edres joined the Knowledge in Transition department in June 2019 as a post-doctoral researcher in the project “School Textbooks in the MENA Region”. She is one of the responsible for the coordination of the activities of the international group of research on religion and textbook reforms in the Arab countries. She is also responsible for carrying out a quantitative and qualitative content analysis on gender inclusion in Arabic textbooks.

After receiving a Bachelor degree in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation Sciences from Milan University and a Master degree from the Italian Institute of Oriental Studies, she was awarded a full-time Ph.D. grant from Sapienza University, in Rome. She wrote her Ph.D. on "The Juridical status of Palestinian Muslim Women: the case of Israel". After completing her Ph.D. she held a position of temporary Lecturer at the Humanities Department, University of Macerata and she cooperated with Milan University. From 2016 to 2018 she was a post-doc researcher at the department of Arabic and Islamic Studies of Göttingen University, where she worked at the HERA Project USPPIP (Understanding Shari’a: Past Perfect, Imperfect Present). Her research examined the application of Islamic Law in contemporary Israel, focusing on neo-ijtihad and Muslim women rights. From March to May 2019 she was visiting research fellow at Exeter University, Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies.

Her recent research projects also include Political Islam and Islamic associations, degree of religiosity and connections between Islam and Palestinian national identity in Israel, cultural-language maintenance and language shift within the Palestinian minority in Israel.

Among her recent book publications are “Donne palestinesi in Israele. L’evoluzione del diritto musulmano all’ombra del conflitto” (Carocci, 2019) and the volume “ Uses of the Past: Sharī'a and Gender in Legal Theory and Practice in Palestine and Israel www.academia.edu/38636968/Uses_of_the_Past_Shar%C4%ABa_and_Gender_in_Legal_Theory_and_Practice_in_Palestine_and_Israel  ” (Harrassowitz, 2018), which she edited with Irene Schneider.