The Georg Eckert Institute is divided into five departments:

The Research Library holds the world’s largest collection of international educational media for schools and relevant academic literature.

The Digital Information and Research Infrastructures (DIRI) department researches and develops digital infrastructures and tools for educational media research. It is also responsible for data management and the GEI’s IT infrastructure.

The departments Knowledge in Transition and Media | Transformation are home to the GEI’s research activities in cultural studies and the humanities, exploring the production, content and appropriation of school educational media.

The Knowledge in Transition department predominantly researches the knowledge presented in educational media as an indicator of social change.

The Media | Transformation department focuses primarily on digital educational media to investigate how education in schools is shaped by the media shift and how the latter is in turn shaped by schools.

The Administration department is responsible for all administrative tasks related to human resources, financial matters and facility management.

Employees also work on common key areas in teams, both within the departments and interdepartmentally.