Digital Teaching and Learning

New laptops – and now learning is fun? Research by the Georg Eckert Institute on Braunschweig’s ‘laptop classes’ does not support this simple equation. Two previous studies have shown that the introduction of laptops does elicit positive change and discussions about the potential of digital teaching and learning, but it comes with significant challenges.

The goal of the follow-up study ‘Digital Teaching and Learning’ is to describe the potential media shift in the school context and to formulate implications for how to deal with digital educational media in schools in the future. One part of the planned study focuses on the educational media used (digital textbooks, learning software, online material and applications, etc.) and systematically documents their use. The other part looks at specific lessons in different subjects and concentrates on the learning culture , which develops out of an interplay between digital media content and adoption practices of teachers and pupils in the institutional framework.

Predecessor Project

Within the framework of the project ‘Flexible learning in the interactive classroom’, supported by the Bürgerstiftung Braunschweig (Braunschweig Civic Foundation), the Georg Eckert Institute devised the companion study ‘Electronic Media in the Classroom’ in 2012. The study produced consolidated findings concerning the introduction of laptop computers into classrooms and the unique technical, organisational, educational and individual challenges this presented. The final report can be read here.

The follow-up study built on the findings and conclusions of its companion study and was divided into two sub-projects that addressed questions concerning the ‘application of electronic educational media in Braunschweig’s laptop classes’. The first sub-project examined the dissemination, reception and acquisition of digital educational media content in lessons from a communications studies perspective and compared this with traditional schoolwork. Informed by didactics, the second sub-project concentrated on historical learning with digital educational media and investigated the potential of this media shift. The final report on this part of the study can be read here.


  • Bürgerstiftung Braunschweig (Braunschweig Civic Foundation)

Duration, including Predecessor Project

  • 2012–2017


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