Fellowship Programme

The Georg Eckert Institute Library is an unparalleled resource for international textbook research, as demonstrated by the continuously high demand among researchers from Germany and abroad for the research facilities it provides. The Institute relies upon close and ongoing contact with scholars and educational practitioners from Germany and around the world to fulfil its role. With this in mind, the Institute and its association of friends and supporters have established a fellowship programme to promote and nurture international academic exchanges and the development of international textbook research, with a particular emphasis on comparative approaches.

The fellowships will be advertised every year from 15 June. Applications for a fellowship to be taken up in a particular year should be submitted by the 15th September of the preceding year (as one pdf-file to fellowship@remove-this.gei.de.

The fellowships are awarded in particular for:

  • research motivated by the desire to promote understanding among nations through education. This research is aimed at identifying prejudices, distortions in perception, and stereotyped and adversarial images transmitted in education, as well as their origins, by means of analysing educational material
  • international education and didactics research on the methods, content and objectives of teaching in the subject areas in which the Institute's library specialises; research in the field of the fundamental governmental, institutional and social frameworks in which this teaching takes place
  • academic research on issues of perception and reception in the fields of history, geography and social science
  • studies on textbook development in the subjects represented at the Institute which aim to identify new directions for the production of textbooks based on comparative international textbook research.

Applying for a fellowship


  • Candidates for a fellowship should hold a university degree, or have attained a comparable qualification in the field of education. We also welcome applications from people who are involved in the writing of textbooks or employed by textbook publishers, as well as those whose activities in the field of education are concerned with curricula and textbooks.
  • The work to be undertaken during the fellowship must be conducive to the Institute's own work or projects in the field of international textbook research. Some fellowships are reserved for individuals who conduct projects affiliated with the Institute.
  • The Institute may occasionally offer fellowships attached to a specific topic on a competitive basis.

Applications for a fellowship should include:

  • the complete fellowship application form (cover letter)
  • a CV, containing details of the candidate's professional background and/or academic career to date, including information on his/her current position and language skills
  • a list of publications
  • a one- to three-page outline of the proposed research topic, describing its aims and methodology
  • a specific list of the primary and/or secondary literature which the candidate wishes to study at the Institute; this documents the importance of a research stayat the GEI

The fellowships will be advertised every year starting June 15th. Applications for a fellowship to be taken up in a particular year should be submitted by the 15th September of the preceding year (as one pdf-file to fellowship@gei.de).

Fellowship holders are expected to enter into discussion of their findings with the academic staff of the Institute. Where appropriate, they will also have the opportunity to initiate contact with any other institutions or specialists who might support their research.
The period covered by the fellowship must be spent working at the Institute.

Fellowship holders are required to submit a report (1-2 pages) detailing the work conducted after completion of their research. We also ask that you send the GEI library a free printed copy of any work resulting from your research at the institute, or provide the library with free access to the relevant open-access publication.

Amount and duration of the fellowship

Fellows receive a monthly stipend of 1000 EUR. Fellowships are usually awarded for a period of one to one-and-a-half months, with a minimum duration of two weeks. Fellowships do not automatically allow for travel expenses to be reimbursed. Fellows may, however, apply for a travel allowance. The allowance will cover up to 50% of travel expenses, to a maximum of 500 EUR. The decision to reimburse travel costs will be made separately from that awarding the fellowship. PhD students will be given priority. Fellowship holders are responsible for their own health insurance.

Selection committee

A committee consisting of the Institute's director and academic staff meets each October to award fellowships for the coming year. Applicants will be informed about the decisions by the end of November of the current year.

Under the terms of its fellowship programme, the Institute considers applications submitted by persons of both German and foreign nationality.

Additional information

Fellowship holders are requested to organise their travel so that their arrival at the Institute coincides with the Institute's administration opening hours, which are Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

During the fellow's stay at the Institute, accommodation can be rented at the Institute's guest house. Since there are no staff in charge of the maintenance of the guest house, fellowship holders are requested to keep their rooms as well as the kitchen and the bathrooms clean and tidy.
All accommodation is non-smoking. Fellowship holders are requested to show consideration for other occupants and future guests by refraining from smoking not only in their rooms, but also in the kitchen and bathrooms.