Otto Bennemann Grant
for innovative methodological approaches in international textbook research

The aim of the Otto Bennemann Grant, awarded annually by the Georg Eckert Institute, is to promote work in textbook research which takes an innovative methodological approach. Otto Bennemann (1903-2003), after whom the grant was named, supported the work of the Institute when he was Mayor of Braunschweig and continued to do so as Lower Saxony's Minister of the Interior. The grant is financed by the foundation he established.

Application for the Otto Bennemann Grant

The grant, whose value is 2000 EUR a month, is awarded for a maximum of two months' duration each year. As its purpose is to fund research work conducted in Braunschweig, the recipient must spend the period covered by the grant working at the Georg Eckert Institute.

Applications are expected to be of a high standard. In their application, candidates should clearly describe and detail the methodological approach taken by their research and explain why it is innovative. The research must be related to textbook-specific discourses.

Applications should also include:

  • the complete fellowship application form (cover letter)
  • a curriculum vitae with a list of publications
  • detailed information on the subject of the work proposed
  • information regarding the current status of (preliminary) work on the project and the schedule of work planned during the tenure of the grant at the Institute
  • a list of literature present at the GEI that shall be consulted for the work on the project
  • information on the expected final result of the work (monograph, post-doctoral thesis, etc.)

Applications for the Otto Bennemann Grant to be taken up in a particular year should be submitted by the 15th September of the preceding year (as one pdf-file to

The grant holder is required to give a public lecture at the Georg Eckert Institute.

Fellowship holders are required to submit a report (1-2 pages) detailing the work conducted after completion of their research. We also ask that you send the GEI library a free printed copy of any work resulting from your research at the institute, or provide the library with free access to the relevant open-access publication.

Travel expenses are not automatically reimbursed in connection with the fellowship. However, grant holders may apply for a travel expenses allowance. The allowance covers up to 50% of the grant holder's travel expenses, to a maximum of 500 EUR. The decision to reimburse travel costs will be made separately from that awarding the grant. Fellowship holders are responsible for their own health insurance. 

In all other respects the conditions regulating the Georg Eckert Institute's standard fellowship programme also apply to the Otto Bennemann Grant.