Global Textbook Resource Center (GLOTREC)

GLOTREC is a central strategic undertaking that consolidates the GEI’s capabilities in the fields of digitisation, internationalisation and applied inter and transdisciplinary research. It is structured around the academic requirements of educational media research, a field that involves many different disciplines and methodological approaches. GLOTREC brings together the GEI’s expertise and educational media collections with those of other international libraries and research institutions.


To integrate textbook and educational media collections available around the world

A digital, and consequently non-localised, multi-lingual catalogue that homogenises the diverse (meta) data from various libraries and brings together widely dispersed collections of analogue and digital educational media to form a standardised and expandable reference system. The catalogue will provide a research instrument with which users can conduct multilingual searches tailored to the specific requirements of educational media research. Interfaces will provide access to digital tools enabling users to further process the data provided by the catalogue.

To protect cultural heritage and make resources available to researchers.

The unique collections held by the research library at the GEI are being successively digitised and preserved for posterity as an important part of our cultural heritage. The GLOTREC catalogue will provide researchers with access to the digitised volumes and to current digital educational media, subject to copyright regulations. Digitised, licence-free educational media from our partners will also be integrated and made available. This will lead to the creation of a comprehensive digital library that will provide large amounts of high-quality, international and multilingual data as a unique source of material for the fields of (digital) humanities and cultural studies as well as for social and information sciences and information technology.

The development of a research-based infrastructure

From 2021, a humanities-based junior research group will accompany the development of the infrastructure and will use and evaluate the available products. The academics will generate new research questions and innovative research designs based on GLOTREC’s comprehensive data and will apply their expertise to the research-based and user-oriented development of the GEI’s digital products.

Start-up phase 2020 to 2022

The core part of the start-up phase, which will run until 2022, will be the construction of a technical infrastructure, which will enable the digital products developed by the GEI to be targeted in future towards the dynamically evolving needs of educational media research. In addition, workflows will be established for interdisciplinary and international collaborative work at the GEI and among the associated partners while further textbook collections from our international partners will be successively processed and integrated into the catalogue.