Management changes at the Georg Eckert Institute

There have been significant management changes at the GEI in 2015. Three departments (“Library”, “Digital Information and Research Infrastructure” and “Textbooks as Media”) have new heads although the biggest personnel change has been the Institute’s change of director. Read more

EurViews. Europe in Textbooks

Knowledge production in a hybrid age

There is no teaching without media. But what do we know about how educational media are produced? Bringing researchers from across this fragmented field of research together, this conference, which takes place on the 3 and 4 December in Braunschweig, aims to examine both historical and contemporary perspectives and to foster communication between print-based and digital educational media research. Read more

Places still available!

The conference “Historical and political education in societies shaped by immigration – the role played by (educational) media, museums and memorials” offers a varied programme and introduces thought-provoking questions related to textbook-related memory culture. It is aimed primarily at teachers, textbook authors, specialists in didactics and representatives of museums and memorials. Read more

Interview with Angela Merkel

The German-Israeli Textbook Commission recently published a study which found that Israel was depicted very negatively in German textbooks. “It is astonishing” wrote the Commission, “that nothing has changed since the findings of the first German-Israeli Commission were released in 1985”. What can be done to change this situation? Read more

Teaching Art History: an New Perspective on Peer-to-Peer Teaching

Hallie Scott shares her experiences in teaching art history in a student-centered way. She uses strategies that she learned as a part of the pilot course of the "Futures Initiative", a CUNY-wide initiative dedicated to "advancing innovation and equity in higher education".  About the Futures Initiative: ... Weiterlesen

Imagining the Cold War – Socialist and Post-Socialist Depictions of “East” and “West” in Romanian Textbooks

Drawing on insights from sociological neo-institutionalism, the presentation will address the discursive shapes taken by Romanian depictions of “East and West” in history textbooks from before and after the fall of the communist regime in 1989. Particular attention is paid to narratives of the Cold War - the conflict that arguably institutionalised the ‘East’ vs. ‘West’ dichotomy. Read more