Writing history together: a textbook for Germany and Poland

On 22 June the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier met his Polish counterpart Witold Waszczykowski in Berlin in order to launch the first volume of a joint history book titled, ‘Europe – Our history’ (Europa – Unsere Geschichte). Read more

EurViews. Europe in Textbooks

"What you see is what you get" The portrayal of violence in textbooks

Anybody opening a textbook encounters a wide range of visual impressions, each with their own significance. These impressions have been carefully conceived by the authors, designers and editors in order to convey specific messages to their readers. Read more

Academia meets politics

The Leibniz Association programme ‘Leibniz im Bundestag’ provides the opportunity for Members of the Bundestag to speak directly with academics on a range of different themes. The GEI, which has taken part in these political consultations several times since the initiative was launched in 2008, was one of the major contributors among the Leibniz Institutes, having arranged eleven discussions. Read more

Two perspectives on history: German-Polish Textbook Project

Dr Thomas Strobel, academic coordinator of the ‘German-Polish History Textbook’ project and the Joint German-Polish Textbook Commission at the Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research in an interview with the radio station Deutschlandradio Kultur. Read more

Erfolgreiche Kooperation mündet in gemeinsamem deutsch-polnischem Geschichtsschulbuch

In einer Kooperation zwischen Deutschland und Polen erschien nun das erste deutsch-polnische Schulbuch mit identischem Inhalt. Ein großes Ziel sei neben der Vermittlung eines umfangreichen Geschichtsverständnisses auch der Abbau von Stereotypen und das Erleichtern eines Dialogs auf Basis der sich annähernden Perspektiven auf die gemeinsame Vergangenheit. Das Schulbuch, welche den Zeitraum ...


Educational Film from a Historical Perspective

An international workshop was held at the Georg Eckert Institute on the 27 and 28 May on the subject of ‘Educational Film from a historical perspective’. Scholars from the fields of history, media and film studies discussed the controversies that surrounded the introduction of the new media at the start of the 1920s, and also debated the aesthetic, didactic and political aspects of educational... Read more