The Reformation in European Historical Cultures. Prospects for History Teaching

On the 12 and 13 February academics will meet at the Georg Eckert Institute to discuss denominational models of interpretation in European historical cultures and in history textbooks in particular. Read more

EurViews. Europe in Textbooks

A new view of European history: a German-Polish textbook project

Workshop for teachers and interested members of the public at didacta 2016 in Cologne. If you are familiar with the German-French history textbook for upper secondary schools or the European history book you will know that they have both broken new ground in an attempt to record European history through the eyes of neighbouring countries and to find new, trans-border narratives. Read more

Progressive pedagogy and Holocaust history Textbooks – Is it possible to combine the two?

This research project is about Holocaust pedagogy in general, and about textbooks specifically. In the first instance, it seeks to create a set of well-founded and sensible guidelines about how to improve, “modernize” and make progressive this vital element of what should be part of the fundamental civic education of all European (and world) nations. Read more

Interview with Angela Merkel

The German-Israeli Textbook Commission recently published a study which found that Israel was depicted very negatively in German textbooks. “It is astonishing” wrote the Commission, “that nothing has changed since the findings of the first German-Israeli Commission were released in 1985”. What can be done to change this situation? Read more

Minecraft: Education Edition

The game “Minecraft” by programmer Markus Persson was developed in 2009 and became a huge success for the crafting-freedom it offers its players. After six years of permanent development by Persson, Microsoft bought the game in 2014 and is now planning to create a bigger, better and more advanced version of it in collaboration with TeacherGaming LLC, the creator of MinecraftEdu, a modified ...


CLARIN-D conference: "Digital History – New Tools for New Questions?"

The discipline-specific working groups “Modern History” and “Contemporary History” in CLARIN-D, under the direction of the Georg-Eckert-Institute and the Center for Contemporary History in Potsdam, extend a warm invitation to their conference, to be held at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Science in Berlin on 8 and 9 February. In addition to an introduction to the tools and sources relevant to... Read more