Preparations for GLOTREC well underway

The Georg Eckert Institute has started to set up its Global Textbook Resource Center (GLOTREC). The Center will create a digital infrastructure enabling centralised and global access to educational media and will digitally preserve such media as a part of our cultural heritage for research. The project is supported by the Joint Science Conference. Read more

GEI Policy Briefs

A win for research

The winners of this year’s Georg Eckert Research Award will be announced on 3 December 2020. The prize honours outstanding academic work in the field of educational media research. The Westermann Group sponsors the research award with an endowment of 5,000 Euros. The winners will be honoured this year via YouTube. Read more

Analysis of Palestinian Textbooks (PalTex)

The GEI is currently working on an EU-financed study of Palestinian textbooks. The study will provide a comprehensive analysis of current textbooks in the context of international standards. A final report containing the findings, which are based on an evaluation of more than 170 textbooks, will be presented to the EU at the end of 2020. Read more

Leibniz in state parliament

‘Leibniz in State Parliament‘ will take place on 10 and 11 November 2020. This dialogue format enables researchers at Leibniz institutions in Lower Saxony to discuss current issues and challenges in research and policy with members of the state parliament and allows both groups to be apprised of new developments. The subjects discussed are as diverse as the Leibniz institutions themselves. Read more

Europe – Our History: a textbook for the future

We are pleased to announce the completion of volume 4 - ‘20th century to the present day’ - of the joint history book for Germany and Poland. This series of books approaches European and global history from various perspectives and demonstrates European societies’ interdependence upon one another. German and Polish versions of the books are now available for use in both countries. Read more


Prof. Eckhardt Fuchs has been reappointed for a second term as GEI director, commencing 1.10.2020. Since 2015 he has worked to refine the GEI’s research profile in the context of the digital shift. The new GEI campus will help consolidate the GEI's continually innovating role as a globally unique institution for educational media within academic, political and educational spheres. Read more