Conference of the German-Israeli Textbook Commission in Tel Aviv

The relationship between textbooks, lessons and (pupil) consciousness was the focal point of the presentations and panel discussions at a conference attended by educationalists and academics from Germany and Israel at the Mofet Institute in Tel Aviv on 1 December. Read more

EurViews. Europe in Textbooks

XIII German-Czech Textbook Conference

The XIII German-Czech textbook conference was held from 20-22 November 2014 and centred on the theme: People, environment, borders – with particular focus on Uranium mining in the German-Czech border region. Read more

History myths in Europe – challenges and opportunities in history lessons, 5 and 6 December 2014

Academics will meet at the Georg Eckert Institute on the 5 and 6 December 2014 to explore myths found in German-language textbooks from Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

Read more

To what extent do myths in textbooks distort our perception of history?

Susanne Grindel spoke in an interview with the radio station Deutschlandradio Kultur on 5 December 2014 about the danger of mythologisation in textbooks. Read more

Geschäft des Schulbuch-Drucks wird in Afrika ausgebaut

Das Unternehmen Burda Druck hat seit 2011 in Indien und Afrika 70 Millionen Schulbücher produziert und plant, die Produktion noch weiter auszubauen. Kürzlich wurde die Multichannel Education Conference in Indien abgehalten, um das technische Know-how von der Schulbuchherstellung bei afrikanischen Druckern fördern und aktuell zu halten. Diese Konferenz sowie die Entwicklung einer speziellen, ... Weiterlesen

Georg Eckert Research Prize Awarded

On 28 October 2014 the sociologist Simona Szakács was awarded the Georg Eckert Research Prize at a ceremony in the old town hall in Braunschweig. The inaugural young researcher prize was conferred upon Kathrin Zehr, a Latin American specialist. The Minister of Science for Lower Saxony, Gabriele Heinen-Kljajić, gave a short welcoming speech and presented the prize winners with their certificates,... Read more