Human Rights Education – The 2016 Georg-Arnhold International Summer School at the GEI

The Georg Eckert Institute and Teachers College of Columbia University are pleased to announce the third Georg Arnhold International Summer School, which will critically explore theories and practices of human rights education (HRE) at the secondary school level. It will take place at the Georg Eckert Institute from July 25 to 30, 2016. Read more

EurViews. Europe in Textbooks

Knowledge and Worlds in Motion: Migration and Education in Germany since 1945

Research on migration and education is most often conducted from a present-day perspective. The Leibniz Working Group on Migration and Education in Germany since 1945, founded at the Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research in July 2015, advocates for a broadening of this perspective in its work at the Institute and through this conference. Read more

Two Presidents in one Week

On 5 April 2016 the president of the Leibniz association, Prof. Matthias Kleiner visited the GEI for the first time. The management team and several members of staff explained the history of the Institute and gave him an overview of the Institute’s many activities and functions. The head of the library Dr Anke Hertling and librarian Christiane Klaes gave the president a tour of the research... Read more

Over 4,000 historical textbooks digitised

Bildungsklick reports (in German): The Georg Eckert Institute for international textbook research (GEI) is making over 4,000 textbooks freely available online at The Georg Eckert Institute has been digitising historic textbook collections since 2009 with the support of the German Research Foundation (DFG). Over one million pages have been digitised to date. Read more

Schweizer Kanton plant Änderung des Notensystems

Im Gegensatz zu Deutschland führt die Schweiz bekanntlich ein Notensystem von 6 bis 1, in dem die 6 für eine sehr gute und eine 1 für eine schlechte Leistung steht. Als erster Kanton plant St. Gallen nun die Abschaffung der Noten 1 und 2, welche laut der stellvertretenden Leiterin des Amtes für Volksschule keinen Sinn machen würden. Jede weitere Differenzierung einer schlechte Leistung sei ...

Read more

Working against prejudice and ostracism with the BPB.

How does it feel to be discriminated against? What would I do if I encountered discrimination against others in ordinary situations? The Zwischentöne (nuances) project has developed four new teaching modules (in German), in cooperation with the Federal Agency for Civil Education (BPB), that use examples of anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, racism and homo or transphobia to throw a light on the... Read more