Georg Eckert Research Award 2018

The GEI Research Award and the Award for Young Academics were announced at a ceremony in the Dornse in Braunschweig's old town hall on 30 November 2018. Dr Sabine Johannsen, the parliamentary state secretary for the Lower Saxony Ministry for Science and Culture attended the event and presented Dr Christine Ott und Lindsay Wills with their respective awards. Read more

New Publication

Preventing Violent Extremism through Education

The official launch of the new publication ‘Preventing Violent Extremism through Education: International and German practices’ by Dr. Eleni Christodoulou and Dr. Simona Behling took place on the 14th of December 2018 at the headquarters of the Leibniz Association in Berlin. The project, of the same name, is funded by the BMBF. Read more

Public lecture by Professor Gal Harmat

On 18 December 2018 Professor Gal Harmat, the current Georg Arnhold Visiting Research Professor, will give a lecture on ‘Practical Emancipatory Education: Gender, Human Rights and Sustainable Peace’. The lecture will take place at 6 pm in the GEI library and will address ways in which teachers can encourage pupils to reflect on culture, gender or social differences. Read more

Starving Heroes – On the History of an ‘Icon of Annihilation’

How does a photograph of nine captured heroes become an ‘Icon of Annihilation? Lars Müller, a GEI research fellow, explores this question in his blog entry ‘Starving Heroes’ on the Visual History website. Read more

German teaching union calls for 118 billion euros for schools

The German teaching union has calculated that 118 billion euros need to be invested in German schools over the next ten years in order to solve numerous problems such as a shortage of teachers, dilapidated buildings and out-of-date technology.

Union president Heinz-Peter Meidinger fears that without such investment schools will fall further behind and that problems in the education system …

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Digital Humanities in International textbook research

The introduction of digital technology to humanities research brings new opportunities but also presents new challenges. A new publication (Digital Humanities in der internationalen Schulbuchforschung) describes the projects being developed by the GEI to investigate what potential such new developments offer for textbook research and how best to implement them. Read more