Presentation in the Federal Foreign Office of findings by the German-Israeli Textbook Commission

The Federal Foreign Office and the Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook research presented the findings and recommendations of the German-Israeli Textbook Commission (DISBK) in Berlin on 23 June, jointly with the Mofet Institute, based in Tel Aviv. The findings were presented under the title “Images of Others” and then reviewed during a podium discussion. Read more

EurViews. Europe in Textbooks

Conference in Bad Kissingen

A conference marking the conclusion of a project to create a textbook on “The History of the Germans in Hungary", in which the GEI took an advisory role, was held from 31 May to 2 June at the Akademie Mitteleuropa in Bad Kissingen. Many experts gathered to discuss “Textbooks and textbooks projects regarding the (minority) history of the Germans in individual European countries.” The GEI co-hosted... Read more

Futures. A history of future studies in the 1960s and 1970s

Elke Seefried, second deputy director of the Institute für Zeitgeschichte will give a talk on visions of society in future studies. Based on her post-doctoral thesis, which examines the rise and subsequent crisis in future studies between 1945 and 1980, and which was awarded the Carl Erdmann Prize by the Association of Historians, Siegfried reveals how ‘the future’ became an important academic,... Read more

German textbooks present a one-sided view of Israel

The conflict in the Middle-East dominates references in German textbooks to Israel, yet there is no mention of the state also being the only functioning democracy in the Middle East according to criticism from the German Israeli Textbook Commission. Read more

Muslimischer Geistlicher ruft zum Kampf gegen IS-Terror auf

Mit der Unterstützung hunderter Imame und verschiedener Organisationen hat der muslimische Geistliche Muhammad Tahier-ul-Qadri aus Pakistan in London mit einer umfangreichen Schrift zur Abwehr und zum Kampf gegen die islamische Radikalisierung und den Terrorismus aufgefordert. Die Aufklärung in Gemeinden und Schulen, sowie deren Zusammenarbeit mit Eltern und der Regierung sei notwendig, um ... Weiterlesen

Places available: Workshop “Who is ‘we’? – handling diversity in classrooms”

In the current climate of conflict between different social groups in Germany, questions of identity and the pedagogical approach to diversity are apposite. Conventional constructions such as ‘we’ and the ‘others’ require closer examination and reassessment. This workshop will take place in Braunschweig on 9 June. Applications will be accepted until 26 May. Read more