Due to the cancellation of this year’s didacta education fair in Stuttgart, the GEI joined with the Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb) and the Didacta Association in releasing video messages to honour the winners of the Textbook of the Year award. The videos are available on YouTube. The prize is sponsored by the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs. Read more

GEI Policy Briefs


The opening of the Leibniz ScienceCampus – Postdigital Participation, archaeological finds on the building site for the new library building and the new transfer project ‘Exploring Markets’: the GEI had an eventful year in 2019. The annual report for 2019 provides a detailed insight into the diverse research projects and activities of the Georg Eckert Institute. Read more

The Basement blog

At the start of the Corona crisis researchers at the GEI started a new blog in order to respond to school closures and subsequent home schooling. In addition to useful links, the blog publishes reactions, tips and thoughts (in German) regarding the current challenges of digital education and ways to deal with the ongoing situation. Read more

Blacked out textbooks –a New start after 1945

In the aftermath of the Second World War the occupying British powers attempted to remove all National Socialist content from German textbooks. Pages were pasted over and passages blacked out. A film crew from NDR television filmed a report on the subject in our research library and spoke with Eckhardt Fuchs and Anke Hertling about the new beginning in German schools after 1945. Read more


This year’s UNESCO Global Education Monitoring Rreport, titled ‘Inclusion and Education: All Means All’, contains the findings from a study by Eckhardt Fuchs, Marcus Otto and Simiao Yu, summarised in a report titled ’Textbooks can exclude through omission and misrepresentation’ (from p. 125). Read more

Studentische Hilfskraft (m/w/d)

Das Georg-Eckert-Institut – Leibniz-Institut für internationale Schulbuchforschung (GEI) - Anstalt des öffentlichen Rechts - in Braunschweig sucht zum 15.10.2020 eine studentische Hilfskraft (m/w/d) mit 9,5 Stunden/Woche. Die Stelle ist der Direktion des GEI (Bereiche: Wissenschaftsorganisation/Veranstaltungen) zugeordnet und zunächst bis zum 31.12.2021 befristet. Die Vergütung erfolgt nach den... Read more